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 TASI's FY2010 Evaluation Report

  • Making Out-of-School Time Matter presents the findings of a broad-ranging literature review intended to identify, frame, and assess relevant issues concerning effective out-of-school-time (OST) programs. Drawing on recent studies the authors identify and address the level of demand for OST services, the effectiveness of offerings, what constitutes quality in OST programs, how to encourage participation, and how to build further community capacity. They make recommendations for improving the information used in policy making. To view the report visit .


  • After-School Programs-Remediation or Positive Development? 
    Should youth programs focus on educational remediation or positive development? Jacquelynne Eccles, Ph.D., addresses youth programs' goals and accountability in The Evaluation Exchange's Out-of-School Time #2 Issue.

  • Financing Out-of-School Time and Community School Initiatives 
    Where do you go for sustainable funding? This brief reviews the opportunities and requirements of Child Care and Development Fund dollars for after-school programs.

  • Survey Finds Elementary Schools Broadening After-School Options 

  • Elementary school principals report a huge increase in the number of schools offering after-school opportunities, but these programs face funding, staffing, and other challenges.