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The After-School Institute
 A message from Director Rebkha Atnafou

Welcome to The After-School Institute! 

Established in 1999 with funds from the Aaron and Lillie Straus Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, and Open Society Institute-Baltimore, The After-School Institute is part of Baltimore's After-School Strategy. The Strategy is a collective effort to increase the quality and quantity of out-of/after-school opportunities for young people ages 6 to 18, and to provide after-school programs with ongoing capacity-building support, which has never before been available. 

The After-School Institute is the capacity-building entity charged with providing technical assistance and training to after-school programs throughout Baltimore City and the State of Maryland. Staff of The Institute provide technical assistance and site visits to assist after-school programs in all aspects of their program operation. Another important aspect of our work is making strategic linkages between after-school providers and local, state and national agencies to ensure these agencies can better respond to the needs of after-school program providers.

Fully acknowledging that information sharing is vital to building the capacity of after-school programs, The Institute has established an array of communication mechanisms to achieve this purpose. These include the establishment of a monthly provider network meeting held the last Tuesday of every month at 9 a.m. for after-school programs to exchange ideas, and to learn about resources, strategies, and training opportunities related to quality programming. The Institute organizes trainings throughout the year and produces publications of interest to the network. 

This website is designed to enhance the ease of access for providers to information important to their work. In order to carefully craft a web site that meets the needs of our constituents, we surveyed our network of providers to learn what they would be looking for from a web site that we might offer. The website provides us with an interactive tool to communicate on all aspects of our work to visitors: network meetings, trainings, technical assistance, strategic linkages established, and materials produced. It also offers an abundance of resources and publications on best practices, lessons learned, and funding opportunities.

I am confident that the information available through this web site will be of great importance to after-school program personnel. Please send us your comments so that we can continue to improve our service to you. 

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your journey through the work of The After-School Institute.


Rebkha Atnafou
The After-School Institute