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The After-School Institute
Partners and Strategic Linkages

By collaborating with other organizations, we can offer children and youth richer experiences and provide adults with more comprehensive training and resources. 

We're constantly working to form strategic partnerships with local, regional, and national organizations to further support our goal of improving the capacity of after-school programs.

The following groups are part of our ever-growing collaboration efforts to promote the safe and healthy development of young people.

  • Safe and Sound Campaign 
    The Safe and Sound Campaign is a movement that organizes citizens and policymakers to create new frameworks that ensure children grow up safe and healthy. We work together to implement and support meaningful recreational, cultural, and intellectual after-school programs.

  • Maryland State Department of Education

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) exemplifies energetic leadership and innovative products and services to improve public education, library services and rehabilitative services.  MSDE is the state fiscal agent for 21st Century Community Learning Center grant awards. TASI partners with MSDE to provide an annual statewide and regional conference on after-school.  

  • The Family League of Baltimore City 
    FLBC is a local management board dedicated to improving the well-being of children and families by engaging communities and encouraging public and private partnerships. FLBC allocates funds and provides contract management for numerous after-school programs in Baltimore City.

  • Baltimore Community Foundation
    Years ago, in Baltimore's 15 neediest neighborhoods, only 500 out of the 7,500 middle-school aged children in those communities had the opportunity to participate in academic, artistic and athletic activities in their out-of-school hours. Now, thanks to the Baltimore Community Foundation's A-Teams grantmaking program, more than 2,800 children are actively involved in programs that help them learn new skills and are led by trained, caring adults. 

  • Academy for Educational Development 
    AED is an international human and social development organization. We collaborate with AED's National Training Institute for Community Youth Work to offer program providers training and best practices in a coer training called Advancing Youth Development. In addition, The After-School Institute is an AED National B.E.S.T. Site and is recognized by Promising Practices in After School (PPAS).

  • Maryland Committee for Children
    Through its strong public policy presence, MCC provides a voice for children and all those concerned for their well-being. We exchange training workshops and act together as the technical assistance and training resource for the State of Maryland.

  • Mayor's Office on Employment Development 
    OED helps young people identify and access activities that help prepare them for long-term career and personal success. Through our partnership, we developed a formal training and orientation for OED interns and assisted in placing them in after-school programs in Baltimore City.

  • Baltimore City 4-H 

    With our common intent to showcase the talents and skills of young people in both a competitive and non-competitive arena, The After-School Institute joined forces with Safe and Sound and Baltimore City 4-H in organizing an annual Youth Expo.

For more information regarding the strategic linkages made to advance The After-School Institute's work in capacity-building of after-school program providers, please visit News and read our Mid-Year Performance Review.