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The After-School Institute

A message from Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley

My administration is committed to increasing children's access to quality after-school experiences throughout the State. Our goal is to effectively implement Baltimore's After-School Strategy which has a total investment exceeding $30M.

Through the Strategy, we are rewarding effective programs with additional funds and reducing funds for less effective programs. However, assistance is provided to those programs by The After-School Institute to help them improve. This new level of accountability is critical to my commitment on behalf of the city to effectively serve children and provide them the quality services they deserve.

The After-School Institute's effort to provide technical assistance, training, networking and resource referral is key to improving the capacity of program providers to deliver quality services. The establishment of The After-School Institute's website will now make the information and assistance easier to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

-- Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley