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The After-School Institute

Getting Started

If you currently run an after-school program, or have an idea for starting one, there are a number of steps you can take to begin expanding or establishing your program.

If you are just starting out, first decide which areas you would like to target. Take a look at your community to discover what resources are available and what areas are lacking. Begin conversations in the community to learn what needs are not being met. 

Next, start devising a preliminary budget and fund-raising plan. Click on "Resources" and "How to Get Funding" to get started. Investigate different volunteer pools, like area colleges and universities, to find people willing to help.

No matter what stage of development your program is in, it is important to consider the opinions of parents, teachers, and young people. Approach the local schools in your district. Compose a youth and parent survey to understand the types of activities in which they are interested.

We are always willing to provide consultations. You can schedule an appointment to meet with us or to have us visit your facility. This gives us insight into your program and what you envision it to be. 

We can help you in your assessment regarding the Standards for Baltimore After-School Opportunities in YouthPlaces. Prior to our visit, you should become familiar with these standards. Together, we can map out a realistic course toward meeting them—so you and your kids get the support you need.

We encourage you to get involved in our meetings and events. Check out our Calendar, Resources, and News on a regular basis to stay on top of the latest developments, and begin applying what you learn to improve your own program.

Begin collaborating with others. Joining our Network is one of the best ways to build relationships with other after-school programs, community organizations, and government representatives. 

For more information on joining, please visit Becoming a Member. The stronger your support system, the stronger your after-school program’s capacity will be.