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The After-School Institute

Our Philosophy 

Download the latest version of TASI's overview here.

The After-School Institute has been helping after-school programs achieve the highest standards of performance since 1999.

We work to strengthen the support system among after-school providers, families, teachers, and community organizations. We offer providers the training they need to meet quality standards established by the Baltimore After-School Strategy.

These standards reflect our commitment to nurturing the talents and strengths of each individual child. Quality after-school programs should provide children with a safe, healthy atmosphere where they can explore new activities and ideas, and build supportive, one-on-one relationships with both adults and peers.

Through the after-school programs that we assist, we strive to instill in children and youth the confidence, self-respect, awareness, and decision-making skills that will serve them in school and in life. 

"I believe that every person is born with talent." Maya Angelou